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The C2 seminar was held in the facilities of Defence Against Terrorism Centre of Excellence (CoE-DAT) in Ankara, Turkey, from the 17th to 19th of April 2012. Since many different aspects of CA and C2 were covered, this C2 seminar was a great success.

The seminar covered many interesting topics such as: Command and Control in the Context of Comprehensive Approach, Information Man-agement in NATO Operational Environment, The Role of CIMIC in a CA, The Steadfast Series Perspective-Current Status and Challenges, CA in Search and Rescue Operations, Con-sequences of the NATO Comprehensive Approach for Command and Con-trol, 10 Years of Civil-Military Cooperation with the Bundeswehr in Af-ghanistan – An Insight View from a Civilian, The Human Elements of a Comprehensive Strategic Approach to C2, The Notion of Armed Conflict under International Humanitarian Law, Red Cross Casualty Information in the Second World War and included a small workshop.

For a follow-on seminar, the participants are mostly interested in the New NATO Command Structure. For consideration there are other possible topics such as: best practices of CA, lessons learned from past and current operations with regard to C2 and CA, C2 in mobile operations, approaches to harmonizing decision making/planning in a multiple contributions mission/operation and C2 interoperability.

The audience underlined that C2 seminars are a great environment to learn about C2 and to open the eyes for different aspects of CA. The diverse background of participants provided interesting insights in real world problems as well as the selection of presentations/topics. More-over, seminars are great opportunities for networking, the exchange of ideas, views and to enlarge the C2 community.

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