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The 2019 NATO C2COE seminar aimed to provide participants with an interesting mix of various ways and means of “getting connected” and to provide ample networking opportunities. Connections can be made, or lacking, in many ways, but connection is always about the exchange of information between a sender and a receiver. The purpose of getting connected in a Command & Control (C2) context is for the receiver of information to become better informed and hence aware of the environment (social, physical, digital etc.) in order to make wellinformed decisions in whatever operation is being conducted. The seminar provided presentations on different aspects of connecting, ranging amongst others from basic and straightforward (or so it is often perceived) voice-communication (Brungart/Henry) through CIS (Communication and Information Systems) connectivity (Wirsching) and differing C2 approaches (Robinson/Markey) to next-generation C2 concepts (Hoeben) and artificial intelligence (AI) (Van Diggelen). These presentations emphasized the NATO C2COE’s mission and vision:

Mission – The NATO C2COE supports NATO, nations and international institutions/organizations with subject matter expertise on C2;

Vision – The NATO C2COE catalyzes C2 by capturing, creating, assessing and distributing C2 knowledge. The joint and multinational capacity of the NATO C2COE and its partners will lead to robust and applicable knowledge.

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