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Dear Friends of the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence, As I arrived at the NATO C2 Centre of Excellence (C2COE) in mid-September last year, the capacity of our NATO C2COE subject matter experts had already been fully utilised for, or at least allocated to, important projects in our Programme of Work.

My influence on the results of 2018 was therefore limited, but my late arrival in the year gave me a perfect opportunity to observe the NATO C2COE, its partners and the results of the work carried out. My conclusion from these observations is that although the NATO C2COE might be a small Centre of Excellence in terms of number of personnel, it is of major importance: Together with NATO ACT and our other partners, we have to provide applicable knowledge for the necessary changes in the C2 of the Alliance.

The products that we produced and the support that we formally and informally delivered in 2018 are very helpful for the changes to be made, both during this year and in upcoming years. You will find the fruits of our, and our partners’, labour in this document.

I hope to meet you in 2019 as a member of the Command and Control community of interest, as a partner of NATO C2COE, or even as a member of NATO C2COE.

You are very welcome!


Robert Meeuwsen Director NATO C2COE

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