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Analysis Report of Arrcs and NRD and ITA's C2 Structures and Processes as a NFS JTF HQ for a SJO(L)

The observations in this report were made as a result of NATO C2COE work during different phases of Ex TRIDENT JAGUAR 2015 (TRJR15) in which HQ ARRC and HQ NRDC ITA were the primary training audiences. Both NFS HQs were certified as a JTF HQ for a SJO(L) during the execution phase (Phase IIIB) of the exercise. This took place between 20 and 27 April for NRDC ITA and from 8 until 14 May 2015 for ARRC.

NATO C2COE supported the SHAPE J7 Evaluation Teams and the JWC Training Teams with C2 subject matter experts (SMEs). Furthermore NATO C2COE staff participated in the Capability Integration and Experimentation Coordination Cell (CIECC), led by JWC Joint Capability Integration Division. Constructive cooperation with JWC staff officers, JALLC analysts and Lessons Learned (LL) personnel from HQ ARRC and HQ NRDC ITA in this CICC (no Experimenting was done during TRJR15) resulted in useful comprehensive discussions, well-coordinated observations and analyses, and refinement of products after Phase IIIB.

The aim of this report is to advise NATO NCS and especially NFS HQs on C2 structures and processes related topics, in order to provide them with ideas and food for thought for future use and to avoid re-inventing the wheel, repetitions of effort and repetition of mistakes. The findings of this report are stored in NATO C2COE’s LL database and can be used during future NATO C2COE presentations and other sorts of support where applicable.

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