Today, the NATO C2COE participated in the Defensity College employer day, held at the MEA site in Amsterdam. At this small-scale event, Dutch students could gather more information about various employers offering opportunities to combine working and studying within the Dutch armed forces.

Want to know more about the Defensity College program?

Also interesting! Sign up for the information day at the barracks where the NATO C2COE also has its office:

About Defensity College:

The Defensity College offers Dutch students a unique part-time job of 1 to 2 days per week to explore the organization and make a contribution. Students can apply their specific academic knowledge and receive military training at the same time. This allows them to make a difference in society during their studies.

The idea is for every student to contribute to a safer world, whether they are mechanical engineers, psychologists, IT specialists, or historians. Students can work on study-specific assignments as well as general tasks that require analytical thinking. An additional benefit is the bridge that students create between the Ministry of Defense and society.


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