Trident Jaguar 2018 (TRJR18)

TRIDENT JAGUAR 2018 (TRJR18) is an Allied Command Transformation (ACT) sponsored two-Level Command Post Exercise (CPX) with the Operational Level being its main focus, to independently exercise the MULTINATIONAL JOINT HEADQUARTERS ULM (MN-JHQ ULM) and the NATO RAPID DEPLOYMENT CORPS GREECE (NRDC-GR) in a JTF HQ role, planning and conducting a Small Joint Land Heavy Crisis Response Operation, under direct command of SACEUR.

MN-JHQ ULM and NRDC-GR will conduct Phase IIA Strategic Level Crisis Response Planning (CRP) and Phase IIB Operational Level CRP in support of EX TRJR18 from 9 January through 26 January 2018. This planning effort, led by the respective MNJHQ-ULM and NRDC-GR J5 Divisions, is the principal venue for certifying the staff’s ability to conduct crisis planning through the establishment of a Joint Operations Planning Group (JOPG). It is a HQ-wide effort supported by Component Commands and aided by other participating Commands. The final product of the CRP for each of the two HQs will be the overarching documents to be used during the CPX (Phase III A/B) scheduled in May and June 2018. During the CRP, MNJHQ-ULM and NRDC-GR will send their Operational Planning Liaison Elements (OPLE) to support SHAPE’s CCOMC (Phase IIA) and their Operations Liaison and Reconnaissance Teams (OLRTs) to the Host Nation which will be simulated at JWC, Stavanger Norway IOT support the operational planning effort.

The NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE) will support SHAPE J7 Evaluation Group in conducting a Joint Evaluation (JOINTEVAL) to assist COM MN JHO ULM and COM NRDC-GR in their preparations for the JTF HO standby period. The JOINTEVAL will examine processes, procedures, products, internal interactions and external coordination. The C2COE’s involvement in TRJR18 will be limited to the MNJHQ-ULM, during both phases of the exercise.

Since 2008 the C2COE has had a permanent presence in support of ACT sponsored exercises. In recent years the C2COE’s engagement in NRF exercises has shifted more to supporting the NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) and SHAPE. By providing expertise and personnel to SHAPE J7 and JWC TT, we have the opportunity to stay current on how NATO’s C2 Directives & Policies are implemented within JHQs at the operational level. In the end, it continues to be a beneficial support relationship for all entities. Furthermore, supporting these exercises will also be beneficial for our own research project ‘The Future of the Command Post’.