Support to SVK Armed Forces Training

File:Regrut 01 znak ossr.jpgThe NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE) will provide Subject Matter Experts to contribute and support Training & Education events in 2017 in Slovakia in response to a request made by Slovak Armed Forces.

The Peace Support Operations Training Unit / Training Battalion in Martin, Slovakia will organise training of Slovak Armed Forces personnel selected for positions in NATO/EU organizations.
The Armed Forces Academy of Milan Rastislav Stefanik in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia will organise Senior Command and Staff Officers Courses. The career educational courses are designed for officers of the Slovak Armed Forces by the Lifelong Education Centre at the Armed Forces Academy. Successful graduates earn qualifications necessary to achieve the ranks of lieutenant colonel and colonel.

NATO C2COE will support both training events organised by Peace Support Operation Training Unit and Armed Forces Academy of Milan Rastislav Stefanik with two C2 Subject Matter Experts. The NATO C2COE SMEs will provide training focused on Current C2 Issues, NATO Command Structure, Information Management & Information Knowledge Management and C2 processes at operational level.

The POC at the NATO C2COE is Major (SVK A) Martin Ratkovsky (