Support to the NATO BI-SC-C3 Course at NATO School

NATO-SCHOOL-OGAU-ClassroomThe current NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Course held at the NATO School in Oberammergau is a modified version of the previous Bi-SC Command and Control Course, only now with a greater emphasis on Consultation and the Comprehensive Approach.

The aim of the Course is to provide a foundation knowledge of NATO C3. This includes awareness of NATO C3 organisations and processes, planning procedures, operational Command and Control requirements, lessons learned from NATO operations and related future aspects.

This one-week Course is comprised of interactive plenary lectures, followed by brief moderated Q&A sessions alternating with plenary panel discussions. Syndicate work is designed into the Course to allow group discussion to further develop understanding of the subject. All speakers are in the rank range OF4-OF7 and/or civilian equivalent.

In recent years, officers from the NATO C2COE regularly participated in the Course both as students and invited briefers, but the Centre has not provided formal briefing in the past few years. However, the NATO C2COE contributions to the Course were re-established in 2015. The NATO C3 Course has two iterations yearly, and since 2015 officers within the NATO C2COE provided briefings on the course. In 2017, officers from the NATO C2COE will again support the NATO C3 Course with briefers, and contribute to the future development of the Course.

For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to the NATO C3 Course, please contact our project officers: LtCol Markus Werther (DEU AF), +31(0) 610710428, send e-mail,  Cdr Tom Zachariassen (NOR N), +31(0) 612970597, send e-mail .