Support to the Common Operations Planning Course at NATO School times a year COPC courses are conducted at the NATO Staff School (NSO) in Oberammergau; whilst other courses are serviced with so called Mobile Education Training teams (METT). These courses are upon request and are NATO and PfP nations wide. The aim of the COPC is to teach all (future) NATO HQ officers on the Operations Planning Process (OPP).

Tactical level Component Commands support the COPC at the NSO in Oberammergau on a regular basis. The goal is to provide Air / Land Battle Management and C2 (ABMC2) Subject Matter Expertise (SMEs) during the NATO Operational Level Planning Course (OPC) in order to support the NSS as ACC / LCC Liaison SME and act as course facilitator.

Due to the expertise that’s required and the shortage of trained/certified personnel; the NATO Command Structure (NCS) pool of SME’s/facilitators is too small to cope with the demand. NATO has a shortage on Air Battle Managers/AirC2 expertise and is challenged to cope with the high demand of facilitators to support the courses. As a mitigation this pool of expertise has been expanded by incorporating the COE’s which is in line with the current NATO training policy.

The NATO C2COE has a wealth of Operations Planning knowledge and is involved in teaching the COPC at the NSS. The NATO C2COE participation has been requested by the NSO for the 2017 timeframe and the support for four (4) iterations has been approved by the NATO C2COE leadership.

The POC at the NATO C2COE is LTC (NLD AF) Jelle BODE (