During TIDESprint 2021/1, The NATO C2COE took part in the second day track concerning Multi-Domain Command and Control. During that presentation (which can be re-watched down below) we talked about a couple of projects and publications namely:

  • Multi-Domain C2 Demonstrator: To cope with these challenges, the recently developed ‘MDO C2 Demonstrator’ platform is set to ignite and continuously support a discussion to bridge the gap in C2 between technology and operators, the tactical and operational level, and academia and the military with their applied and tacit knowledge. More information: www.c2coe.org/whitepaper
  • Study: Future of the Command Post part 1: The purpose of this study is to outline the required operational capabilities of the future Operational-level Command Post and to identify enabling technologies that will make implementation of these requirements possible. More information: https://c2coe.org/download/the-future-of-the-command-post-part-1/
  • Study: Future of the Command Post part 2: This part of the study is looking at the human perspective, the human factors which will have an impact on how we introduce new technology into an joint operational level headquarters. In order to find answers to the research questions in terms of the human aspect of the changes and developments in the coming years, a survey was conducted, followed by interviews, thus painting a picture of what live would look like in twenty years’ time. More information: https://c2coe.org/download/the-future-of-the-command-post-part-2/
  • Podcast ‘c2 and beyond’: More information: https://c2coe.org/podcast/

Thank you for your interest in Multi-Domain C2 and in our Centre of Excellence. If you want to know more feel free to contact us via this website.

“The Think-tank for Information and Decision Execution superiority (TIDE) Sprint is part of a continuum of interoperability events organized and run by HQ SACT that include CWIX and the TIDE Hackathon. Together, these events allow NATO, Alliance and Partner nations and other organizations to continually improve federated interoperability between the people, process and technology that make up the deployable command and control systems and services represented by multiple communities of interest. TIDE Sprints are forward looking think-tank events that bring together the extended TIDE Community (NATO, nations, industry and academia) to discuss, evolve and solve C3 capability and IT service challenges and improvements through cooperative, educational and collaborative working sessions.

TIDE Sprints use a combination of show and tell, brainstorming, education, demonstration, coding and testing to further improve NATO and National capabilities with a focus on interoperability; bringing together C3 communities of interest (CoI) in a spirit of collaboration.

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