TIDESprint 2020/1 cancelled

Based on the Swedish public health agency’s raising of the COVID-19 domestic contagion risk to VERY HIGH, and in concert with Swedish public health authorities, HQ SACT reluctantly is forced to cancel the 2020 Spring TIDE Sprint.


During the upcoming Spring 2020 TIDE Sprint the NATO C2COE will provide the Track Lead for the Operational Command and Control (Ops C2) Track. During this TIDE Sprint the Ops C2 track will focus on the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE) “ NATO C2 Relationships and Authorities” and the “C2 demonstrator” projects. The NATO C2COE will also explain its new role of Department Head (DH) for Operations Planning, Operations Assessment and Alternative Analysis (OPOAAA). The Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) and the Swedish Forces will seek participants input to selected C2 issues while the German Forces will present their view on LINK-16 issues. Finally, the NATO Joint C2 Community of Interest (JC2 COI) will host their semi-annual meeting in conjunction with the Ops C2 track. The JC2 COI will discuss topics like “Multi-domain C2”, the “Joint C2 CONOPS” and “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and big data for the external battle”.

The Ops C2 Track provides attendees with a wide array of operationally focused C2 updates, soliciting audience feedback, discussion, and support in ongoing initiatives. The specific intention of the Ops C2 track is to focus on Operations and Plans priorities (traditional “J3 and J5” domains) within the context of C2. Comments received during these sessions will directly feed into the ongoing development of key white papers and concepts.


We are excited to announce some of our Speakers during TIDESprint 2020/1

Mr. Ron Werkman

Staff officer NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence, Utrecht, The Netherlands

LtCol.Frank Gubbels

Staff officer NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Maj. Marcel Scherrenburg

Staff officer NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence, Utrecht, The Netherlands


The ACT organized Think-Tank for Information Decision and Execution Sprint or TIDE Sprint  is one of NATO’s premier events for promoting innovation and rapidly evolving concepts and specifications in order to progress, improve and federate interoperability between NATO and Partner Nations C2 capabilities and IT services.

TIDE Sprints are organized twice a year, normally in Spring in Europe and in Autumn in the United States. The Spring 2020 TIDE Sprint will be held in Quality Globe Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden from 30 March – 3 April 2020. The number of participants in the last events was close to 400 people.

TIDE Sprints bring together NATO, Nations, research institutes and companies to discuss, evolve and solve C3 capability and IT service challenges through cooperative, educational and collaborative working sessions, called Tracks. Normally, every TIDE Sprint has around 12 different tracks (for more information, please consult Tidepedia (https://www.act.nato.int/tide-sprint), a protected ACT online information repository).


The Ops C2 Track Program (Still Under Development) For This TIDE Sprint 2020/1 Will Be:

The NATO C2COE recommends all operators wishing to influence current Operational Command and Control to travel to Sweden and join the Ops C2 track.

See you in Stockholm!


Ron Werkman


NATO C2COE / Ops C2 Track Lead

Phone: +31 (0)30 2187015

Mail: rh.werkman@mindef.nl

Command and Control

The exercise of authority by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces, performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities and procedures in the accomplishment of the mission.

About us

The Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) was established in 2007 on the initiative of the Netherlands to create a group of Command and Control (C2) Subject Matter Experts supporting the transformation activities of Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and of the Sponsoring Nations of the NATO C2COE (Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey and the USA; Estonia joined as latest member in 2013). We support NATO, nations and international institutions/ organisations with subject matter expertise on Command & Control.

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