TIDE Sprint 2018

Twice a year ACT organises the Think-Tank for Information, Decision and Execution Superiority (TIDE) Sprint event. This forum provides experts from the NATO Alliance and Partner nations supported by civilian institutions the opportunity to solve the many interoperability and C2 challenges they encounter in series of think tank sessions.

This year the NATO C2COE will be heavily involved in the TIDE Sprint from 9-13 April 2018 in Genua, Italy. The NATO C2COE will organize the Operational C2 Track and provide its Track Lead. The Operational Command and Control (OC2) Track provides attendees with a wide array of operationally focused C2 updates, soliciting audience feedback, discussion, and support in ongoing initiatives. The specific intention of the OC2 track is to focus on Operations and Plans priorities (traditional “J3 and J5” domains) within the context of C2 and CIS-related concerns (traditional “J6” domain).

During this TIDE Sprint the OC2 track will focus on the Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE) “Future of the Command Post” project. The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) will also seek participant input to selected C2 projects. A joint session with the Cyber Defence track is planned so that the operational community can develop an appreciation for Cyber Defence issues and its impact on their activities. Finally, the NATO Joint C2 Community of Interest (JC2 COI) will host their semi-annual meeting in conjunction with the OC2 track.

Most likely both topics will attract a lot of attention and a lot of discussion during the TIDE Sprint event and during their final presentation at the NATO C2COE C2 Seminar which will be held 5-9 November 2018 in Berlin, Germany

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For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to this project, please contact our POCs: Lt Col Frank Gubbels (NLD N MC) (frank.gubbels@c2coe.org) and Major Ron Werkman (NLD AF) (ron.werkman@c2coe.org).