Urbanization: the Future Challenge for NATO

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/32/Guangzhou_dusk_panorama.jpgThe majority of the world’s population now live in urban areas, and the trend towards Urbanization continues to rise. History has taught us that conflict and large-scale disasters often occur where people live. Therefore, if the majority of people are going to live in urban environments, including cities and megacities; an increasing number of future military operations will take place in these environments. Subsequently NATO needs to prepare for this eventuality.

In spring of 2016 the NATO Military Committee (MC) was briefed with the first results of the in 2014 started project and this resulted in a continuation of the project through 2017 with numerous events. One of these will be to conduct an exercise with a NATO unit to test the outcome of the in 2016 conducted wargame in a real life environment.

The NATO C2COE will continue to participate in the NATO Urbanization project with two persons; Subject Matter Expertise (SME) with regard to Command & Control (C2) and Operations Planning.

The POC at the NATO C2COE is LTC (NLD AF) Jelle BODE (jelle.bode@c2.coe.nato.int).