Support to ACT C2 Focus Area

SACT, General (FRA, AF) Mercier is very occupied with C2. During an “All Hands” address given on 8 December 2015 he said the following: The Alliance needs a capacity, a solid and modern foundation enabling forces to permanently maintain the right level of readiness and responsiveness. This capacity is achieved through six interrelated Focus Areas (FA), C2 is one of them.

He commented NATO`s major strength is C2 and our ability to plan and conduct operations. The Alliance has to be provided with ways to choose the appropriate posture today or 15 years from now. He tasked a cross-functional team within ACT to conduct a mission analysis of C2. This analysis had to identify the functions of C2, who provides that function and where the shortfalls are. The purpose of this project is to present a coherent and structured approach to the development of NATO C2 doctrine and practice. This doesn’t exist yet. An overarching C2 Capstone document will set the scene.

Early March 2016 a NATO C2COE team visited ACT to define our contribution. Until now we developed and proposed a framework for the C2 Capstone Concept document and provided some flesh to its bones and commented on a C2 SWOT-analysis of the Operational C2 branch.

The C2 Capstone Concept Document (latest version 0.13, dated 20 July 2016) proposes 12 Functional Concepts to address various C2 aspects and to assure the C2 2030 Vision can be implemented.

In our 2017 Program of Work we will support the development of the following 3 Functional Concepts:

  • Comprehensive and Continuous Awareness,
  • Decision Making Through Continuous Operations,
  • Distributed Decision Making Through Virtual Collaboration.

The twelve identified Functional Concepts:


More information on the C2 Focus Area and on the Functional Concept can be found at TIDEPEDIA (registration required). For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to the C2 Focus Area in general , please contact our project officer: Lt Col Frank Gubbels (NLD N MC), +31(0) 302187013, e-mail: .

The project officer for the three specific Functional Concepts will be: Lt Col Jan Nijmeijers (NLD A). +31(0) 302187021, e-mail: .