Support FMN Operational Coordination Working Group Federated Mission Networking Implementation Plan (FIP) -Volume I- was approved by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) on January the 29th. From that date on the Allied Command Operations (ACO) is taking responsibilities from the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in terms of leading the next steps to implement FMN following the milestones pointed out in the FMN Transition Plan (TP)

This TP, which was notated by the NATO International Military Staff (IMS) is a document issued by ACT in close coordination with ACO whose primary objective is to initialize FMN Management.
Within the FMN Management structure, some Workings Groups (WG) were set up for covering all the requirements. One of these WG is the FMN Operational Coordination Working Group (OCWG) whose initial Terms of Reference (ToR) were drafted during the initial OCWG meeting on April the 29th where the NATO C2COE was also present.

The initial FMN OCWG ToR drafted was presented for approval by the FMN Management Group (MG) in the Initial FMN MG meeting held at SHAPE on May the 27th and 28th with 28 initial affiliates participating and where the initial FMN Management structure was also established.

The approved document shows that the OCWG is an Operational-focus WG and states it is responsible for collecting and managing the operational requirements for FMN. It is also the primary vehicle through which the Operator and User community will be able to express their requirements for preparing and conducting operations within a federated environment. The NATO C2COE is explicitly mentioned as a supporting and collaborating entity with this OCWG.

The second OCWG meeting will take place on October the 28th during TIDE Sprint event and the main topics will be: FMN Operational Requirements and Desires and the OCWG work plan and task list.

For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to this project, please contact our project officers: Lt Col Frank Gubbels (NLD MC), Send Email and Major (NLD AF) Ron Werkman, Send Email.