NATO Defence Planning Process

picture6Through the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP), NATO identifies capabilities and promotes their development and acquisition by Allies so that it can meet its security and defence objectives. By participating voluntarily in the NDPP, Allies can harmonise their national defence plans with those of NATO.
The NDPP is designed to influence national defence planning efforts and prioritises NATO’s future capability requirements, apportions those requirements to each Ally as targets, facilitates their implementation and regularly assesses progress.
NATO defence planning encompasses different domains: force, resource, armament, logistics, C3, civil emergency, air and missile defence, air traffic management, standardization, intelligence, military medical support, science and technology and cyber.
The NATO C2COE has supported this continuous process for several years. This year we will support the Defence Planning Capability Survey (DPCS). The DPCS supports the review on the progress of national targets and assessment of NATO Maritime C2 capabilities to meet NATO Level of Ambition.

For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to the DPCS, please contact our project officer: CDR Tom Zachariassen (NOR N), +31(0) 612970597, Send email.