C2 Development

LANDCOM G3 (CUOPS) has a formal NATO OPCON command relationship with various national Force Elements (FEs) contributing to TREX activities throughout Implementation Area North and South. This leads to a unique set of command challenges associated with specifically what the NATO HQ (LANDCOM) can actually do with these FEs, and how the NATO OPCON relationship is exercised.

Additionally LANDCOM’s crisis role is to operate as a Land Component Command (LCC) HQ and as such will have to exercise command and control over multiple NATO Corps level HQs. This span of command is therefore vast and complex and as such, COE advice and contributions will be welcome.

At the C2 COE Seminar in 2017, we will engage with LANDCOM staff in order to identify issues and factors that may influence how LANDCOM exercises any future command relationships. Focus will be on Operational and Strategic level C2 issues, in peace time and during crisis periods.

The OPR at the NATO C2COE is Lieutenant Colonel (RNLA) Jan Nijmeijers, email: jan.nijmeijers@C2.coe.nato.int.