C2 Agility – Next Steps

picture11In 2017, the NATO C2COE continues to participate in a study named “C2 Agility: Next Steps.” After two years of explaining the C2 Agility Concept, evidence gathering to further validate the concept; and exploring the costs and benefits of improving C2 Agility, the main activity in 2017 will be the drafting of a final document.

This study is based on previous studies that have found that C2 Agility – which basically is an ability to adapt your Command and Control according to the changes in situation – is a desirable capability. The study is conducted by a Research Task Group (RTG) under the NATO Science and Technology Organisation (STO). The Group is called SAS-104 because it is created under the STO System Analysis and Studies Panel. The aim of this group is to “provide the basics necessary to create and develop C2 Agility so that it can become an operational capability.”

Until now, the NATO C2COE has been involved in the RTG for more than two years. Being involved in academic efforts to implement the capabilities and requirements of a new era to our daily life, has been enlightening for the members of the NATO C2COE collective; and it has given an opportunity to develop some of our own projects.

The NATO C2COE’s role is to help identify a practical application of C2 Agility and after validation help to embed it into doctrine.

More information on SAS-104 and on C2 Agility can be found at SAS-104 Homepage. For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to SAS-104 project, please contact our project officer: Maj Ron Werkman (NLD AF), +31(0) 302187015,  e-mail: ron.werkman@c2.coe.nato.int .