Support Branch

The Support Branch of the NATO C2COE provides the C2 with all support necessary to conduct the core business of the Centre. The branch consists of 4 persons, which each carry out a specific support task. The 4 positions and their tasks are:
  • The Branch Chief is responsible for the initiation of international planning and control processes, and control over these processes, as well as final control over financial transactions and the acquisition of goods and services.
  • The Facility Manager/Deputy Security Officer is responsible for providing facility services to the Staff of the NATO C2COE , which includes providing ICT maintenance and ensuring the daily safety and security within the Centre.
  • The Financial Manager is responsible for the financial management of the NATO C2COE and has responsibility over all assigned budgets.
  • The Foreign Liaison Officer is responsible for the liaison function in the NATO C2COE. Commonly the Foreign Liaison Officer  is also the  Office Manager and provides management support to the director and deputy-director of the centre and general organisational support to the entire NATO C2COE.
  • The Public Affairs Officer is responsible for providing the public with information about the centre itself, and activities carried out by the NATO C2COE. Also, the Public Affairs Officer is responsible for maintaining the website of the NATO C2COE and all other public relations related activities.

The Support Branch presently consists of:

Mr (NLD) Dirkjan van Oversteeg Branch Chief
Ms (NLD) Josephine Hendriks Foreign Liaison Officer/Office Manager
Ms (NLD) Lidy Heijne Financial Manager/Deputy Security Officer
Mrs (NLD) Annette Bosma Public Affairs Officer/ Facility Manager/Security Officer