Biography Colonel (NLD A) Robert Meeuwsen

Biography Colonel (NLD A) Robert Meeuwsen
Director NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE

Leader with a natural focus on people, robustness and simplicity. Motto: Do! 30+ years of experience in national and international work for the Dutch MoD. Always striving for matching routines to a changing environment and reaching that goal with the team. Knowledge and experience in the field of:

  •  Leadership
  •  Innovation
  •  Operations
  •  Teamwork
  •  Decision making
  •  Simulation
  •  Cyber
  •  Education
  •  Training
  •      Management


Innovation Envoy of the RNLA         Oct 2016 – Oct 2018
Tasked with boosting innovation within the RNLA and communicate about it on social media to show the society the innovative char-acter of the RNLA. Started more than 60 projects and experiments on technical-, process- and social innovation. Enhancing and stimu-lating the upcoming Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) unit. Early participant in the MoD innovation ecosystem. Reached the “point of no return” for RNLA in innovation; autonomous innovation has started on a wider scale, CD&E facilitates this and is still growing.

Chief Maintenance Facilities         May 2015 – Oct 2016
Commander of the Leusden based maintenance facility for top echelon Maintenance. A civil/military unit for complex maintenance, prototyping, testing , modifications and knowledge on these subjects. Bringing production up to standards while implementing some process innovations after an overall reorganization.

Chief ERP Program Bureau           Apr 2013 – May 2015
Responsible for finishing the ERP implementation (SAP) in the Dutch MoD and discontinuing the Transition Management Organiza-tion in a controlled way. Kept controls and management information in working order by contracting reservists.

Chief Education and Training         2010 – Apr 2013
Responsible for career courses, functional training and the training of units up to brigade level at the Education and Training Centre Operations. Acted as a senior Observer Trainer and Evaluator for brigade staff exercises. Enhanced the business processes so the dynamics of the changes in the year planning could be met. In this period I fulfilled a 6 month duty as Chief Assessment Cell in Af-ghanistan. Tasked with the assessment of districts that could be handed over to the National Afghan Government.

Senior Policy Advisor           2008 – 2010
Working at the Dutch MoD and advising on Army Materiel project >5M €. Filling vacancies temporarily for RNLAF and RNLN on their materiel projects. Advising the Minister- and Secretary of Defense on materiel subjects during debate in the Dutch Parliament.

Other Positions            1986 – 2008
Multiple jobs as project leader, commander (up to 650 personnel) and specialist at the RNLA, the materiel department (DMO) and Bundeswehr Operations Command (EinsatzFuehrungsCommando).

Education and Skills

Delft University (MSc)
Royal Military Academy: Officer
English and German: level 4 (out of 5) Cyber: insight and pentesting
Operations: Decision making, planning and current ops
Creating networks