NATO C2COE Steering Board


The Steering Board (SB) is the main body set up by the NATO C2COE Sponsoring Nations (SNs) for guidance, oversight and decision on all matters concerning the establishment, administration and operation of the NATO C2COE.

Decisions of the SB will be reached unanimously where each SN has one vote.

The SB consists of one representative of each SN.

The Chairman will be designated by the Netherlands as Framework Nation and will participate without vote. The Director of the NATO C2COE attends meetings of the SB without having a vote.

HQ SACT and other appropriate representatives will be invited on a non-voting basis in the relevant SB meetings to advise the SB on the Programme of Work (PoW) with regard to NATO requirements and priorities.

 As a general rule, the SB meets at least once a year at the NATO C2COE.

In cases of exceptional circumstances it will be possible to meet more frequently, if required by one of the SNs or on request by the Director NATO C2COE.

Tasks and authority

The main tasks with related authority of the SB are:

  • Direct the long-term development of the NATO C2COE and resolve resource and organisational issues.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the NATO C2COE.
  • Issue directives and guidance to the NATO C2COE.
  • Establish a single point of contact for formal external relations.
  • Approve the annual financial statement.
  • Decide on the PoW, coordinated by the NATO C2COEwith HQ SACT, SNs and other customers.  HQ SACT will provide the requests for services for all NATO entities. SNs and other customers will act accordingly.
  • Approve the yearly budget and consider as a planning guidance the medium term financial plan.
  • Monitor and guide the financial management of the multinational budget.
  • Monitor the performance of mission and tasks of the NATO C2COE, including funding, administration and personnel establishment.
  • Provide recommendations for the co-ordination of plans and policy for the development and improvement of personnel, equipment, procedures, processes and organisations of the NATO C2COE.
  • Decide on any proposed changes to the NATO C2COE Staff structure and manning and to the Terms of Reference for the Director C2COE.
  • Approve any Technical Arrangement that follow-up on the NATO C2COEMOUs.
  • Approve major repair of and other major changes in the infrastructure used by the NATO C2COE.