Analysis and Concepts Branch

The Analysis and Concepts Branch of the NATO C2 Centre of Excellence is responsible for analysing and understanding Command and Control related raw data, collected during assessments of operations and exercises. The ambition of the branch is to bridge the gap between the input (raw data) and the output (knowledge) of the NATO C2 Centre of Excellence. These gained insights and knowledge are presented to the customers of the NATO C2 Centre of Excellence, but also pursue to contribute to the development of new Command and Control Concepts within NATO and in Nations.

It is an A&C Branch responsibility to support the Assessment Team Leader during the report writing phases by providing the initial analysed findings.

So far, the analysis of the data is supported by the in-house developed and built analysis tool. The first analysis is done by the officers from the NATO C2 Centre of Excellence, based on their knowledge and experience .  In some cases the analysis is supported later by organisations with a more scientific background.

Furthermore the Analysis & Concepts Branch pursues new developments/concepts that submerge within NATO or Nations through the C, D&E programs. It seeks to understand the new concepts and their implications on Command and Control.

The main Focus Area assigned to the A&C Branch is Command and Control Evolution. It is therefore the intent of the Branch to get involved in any new anticipated change in the conduction of C2 as well as in any C2 evolution resulting in a more effective C2. The collected information will serve as a basis to the NATO C2COE internal Knowledge Management Base.

At this moment the Analysis and Concept Branch consists of 5 officers:

LTC (NLD A) Jan Nijmeijers Branch Chief
Lt Col  (ESP A) Fede Clemente Staff Officer
Vacancy Staff Officer
Maj (NLD AF RES) Marcel Scherrenburg Staff Officer
Maj (NLD N MC) Leo Potappel Staff Officer