Mapping of C2

The NATO C2COE has observed that there is no commonly agreed definition upon Command and Control (C2) in NATO. Even worse, some authors have found that the official explanations of Command, Control and C2 are circular and redundant. At the same time, the reason for a Doctrine has been stated in different publications, including those of NATO, as it functions as a tool to standardize different aspects, including terminology; and to enhance interoperability and mutual understanding through this creation of a common language. To support NATO’s Interoperability the aim is to propose a common C2-language which is applied consistently in NATO doctrines.

In order to do so, a first step is to map the term C2 and its composing elements Command and Control (in Capstone, Key and Level 2 Allied Joint Publications). The project will after this “where”, then examine “how” these existing NATO documents define and describe Command, Control and their combined use as C2. It will compare and discuss whether all C2 components as defined in our own NATO C2COE C2 Conceptual Framework, are adequately and clearly covered.

The final result is a coherent overview on C2 aspects in NATO and a recommendation on solutions for any shortfalls discovered. These recommendations will be forwarded once the Request For Feedback are request due to the rewrite/revision of that specific doctrine according to the Allied Joint Doctrine Campaign Plan. This structured approach to C2 will meet NATO’s requirements for consistency and clarity on C2 in doctrine.

The project officer is Lt Col Federico Clemente (ESP A), +31(0) 302187022, e-mail: