NATO Stability Policing Concept Development Conferences and Workshops

The aim of these conferences and workshops are to work on the NATO Stability Policing concept, in order to develop capabilities supporting implementation of the Projecting Stability aspirations from the 2016 Warsaw Summit Declaration. The workshops are directed towards identified points of contact and representatives at the OF4-OF5 level involved in the areas of Stability Policing concept development and are open to representatives from Academia and International Organisations. After the first NATO Stability Policing Concept Development Workshop in 2016 it is planned to have three more workshops in 2017 and to provide the finalized NATO Stability Policing Concept by December.

The concept will be the basis to  understand the complexity and variables involved in building a viable Stability Policing capability, and will describe the future strategic and operational problems and potential solutions in a coherent framework in order to develop a task list of NATO deliverables.

NATO C2COE is going to support the concept development with up to two Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) C2, to cover first all C2 related aspects and second to contribute to the overall concept development with the experience out of recent deployments.

For further information contact LTC Marko Gangi by phone (+31 610711564) or email (