NATO C2COE Way Ahead 2017

The previous Director of the NATO C2COE started the Way Ahead project. His intent is to establish a clear understanding and realistic ambitions with regard to the contribution of the NATO C2COE to NATO Transformation and to align internal processes.

Several internal sessions were held during the 2013-2015 timeframe to provide input and firm ground for a formal report. The Director assigned an OPR which wrote a Project Proposal. This was accepted in October 14. Based on the Director’s guidelines and direction stated in this proposal, a Project Report was drafted, internally discussed and amended. This report includes the outcomes of three special MT-meetings.

The 9th NATO C2COE Steering Board Meeting on the 2nd of September 2015 concluded that the (then still draft) Report, as it doesn’t contradict the MOU, will act as direction and guideline for the Director NATO COE for at least the next five years to come. In Spring 2016 a final Report was sent out and received consent of the Sponsoring Nations in the 10th NATO C2COE Steering Board Meeting.
In 2016 especially the external relationships of the NATO C2COE received considerable attention. Due to the change in Directorate the internal adjustments didn’t start.

In 2017 these activities to strengthen the position of the NATO C2COE as a Knowledge Centre from the inside will be:

  • Enhancement of the agreed upon Knowledge Development Processes
  • Strengthening of the corporate identity in order to focus members and to manage expectations of customers
  • Revision of job descriptions in order to bolster the Way Ahead
  • Improvement of the current Introduction Programme and develop a personalized Training Plan for newcomers
  • Encouragement of a curious, agile, flexible, supportive, pro-active, exploratory and open mind-set.