Information Age Command and Control Concepts

Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) – 2017-2018 Cycle

The aim point of the overall project is to identify and assess the impact of emerging and evolving technologies, along with innovative approaches for improving and adapting command and control.

The NATO C2COE is contributing to Work strand (A) of this project. It aims at identifying and assessing the impacts of advanced technologies Command & Control (C2) and on military organization in order to increase not only combat effectiveness, but also situational awareness and decision-making process as well, with the main focus on adapting military structures, procedures and its organization to the upcoming challenges and opportunities of the Information Age. In case of success, alternative C2 concepts could replace a traditionally rooted planning and mission execution process. Deliverables of the project will have a main focus be on Doctrine, Organization and Leadership.

The NATO C2COE is participating as observer to Work strand (B). It seeks to explore mechanisms to maintain purpose and harmonization of efforts and effects in self-synchronizing networks, as this is assessed to be the main challenge of self-synchronization. As appropriate, the project will utilize a computer simulated environment, table top with SME’s and/or live exercises (LIVEX) as experimentation platforms in order to evaluate different approaches and requirements of 360° self-synchronization. Deliverables of the project will be in terms of Doctrine, Concepts, Organization and Leadership.


POCs: LTC (NLD, A) Jan Nijmeijers and LTC (ESP, A) Federico Clemente.