Trident Jaguar 2017

Trident Jaguar 2017 is an exercise in which a (Single Service) NATO Force Structure (NFS) headquarters is being trained, evaluated and certified as an Operational Level Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTFHQ) for a small joint operation (SJO). This year 1GNC and RRC-FR are the training audience and will become available for SACEUR as a deployable JTF-HQ by mid-2017. The JWC will conduct the training part and SHAPE J7 will do the evaluation after which the certification will follow. RRC-FR will deploy to Novo Selo in Bulgaria for their final execution phase (3B) and 1 GNC will execute phase 3B in Stavanger at the JWC.

During 2014 through 2016, the NATO C2COE supported the Trident Jaguar series with C2 SME’s as well as for training as for evaluating. Besides that, a small team collected best practices and lessons learned. This team consisted out of members from the JWC, JALLC and the C2COE who eventually turned these data into a handbook for the single service HQ’s staffs who are supposed to transform themselves into a JTF-HQ. In November 2016, the first version of this handbook was published and can be found on the classified websites of the JWC and JALLC.

This year during Trident Jaguar 2017, the NATO C2COE supports the JWC and the training audience again with C2 subject matter expertise but in the meantime, will evaluate the first version of the handbook together with JALLC and JWC. Furthermore, the SME’s will continue the collect data in order to keep the handbook up to date with new best practices and lessons learned. Eventually, this will lead to a new version of the handbook in cooperation with the JWC and JALLC.

For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to this exercises, please contact LTC (NLD N) Tom Poppema (