The NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) was founded on 14th of June 2007. During 2022 the NATO C2COE commemorates its 15th Anniversary at several occasions. You are cordially invited to our 15th Anniversary formal celebration, happening on the 20th of June in the afternoon. This will be a combined event with our NATO C2COE Ambassador day which will start in the morning.

Come and join us in our Dies Natalis celebrations! We will share with you the latest developments on command & control and our center. And it will be an excellent opportunity to network. Your presence will be highly appreciated.

This NATO C2COE 15th Anniversary will be physical event at Generaal-majoor Kootkazerne barracks in Stroe (the Netherlands) on 20 June 2022.

HERE you will find the agenda and all the information you need to register and additional information on transportation and lodging.

Let us know if you have additional questions or issues regarding 15th Anniversary event. Your point of contacts are Ms. B.H.G. (Brigitte) Stijfs (NLD CIV) and Mr. (Max) van Rijn (NLD CIV), by e-mail This is an invite-only event with a limited amount of invitees (when the maximum is reached we have to close registration, so please register asap). Please send your response NLT 01 June 2022 in order to arrange all the official details by mailing your details or by filling in the form below:


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