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Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation and eXamination eXercise (CWIX) is a NATO Military Committee directed, NAC endorsed and C3 Board guided Bi-SC annual programme designed to support the continuous improvement in interoperability for the Alliance. Allied Command Transformation (ACT) provides direction and management to the programme, while NATO and Partner… [read more…]

Northern Coast 2013

Northern Coast (NOCO) exercise is a multinational invitation exercise for NATO and EU countries. The exercise has been conducted on annual basis since -07 by Commander in Chief German Fleet (CINCGERFLEET) in the Baltic area. CINCGERFLEET has been willing to offer lead nation role to other countries and Swedish Navy… [read more…]

NNEC Criteria development

C2COE are in cooperation with ACT working on the new NNEC criteria. These criteria’s was released to NC3 Board in October 2012. The aim of the work is to make the criteria more understandable for NATO and Nations, create an internal “Toolbox” to be used by C2COE and ACT while… [read more…]

Information Sharing and Management inside HUMINT COE

C2COE conducted an assessment of Information Management (IM) in HUMINT COE in January 2013. HUMINT COE requested C2COE to support them with internal challenges concerning IM. The assessment was conducted by a questionnaire and interviews. A report was written and this has been used by HUMINT COE to create an… [read more…]

Regional Command North Training

The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz, Poland, will conduct Regional Command North (RC N) Training Events (TE). These TE are dedicated to train, rehearse and contribute to the overall preparation of the future HQ RC North and is a multi-tier computer assisted command post exercise (CAX-CPX). The TE’s… [read more…]

Future Mission Network (FMN)

After the approval by the Military Committee of the Future Mission Network (FMN) Concept ACT was tasked, in coordination with ACO and NCIA and the active involvement of NATO Nations and NATO partner Nations, to develop a FMN Implementation Plan (NFIP) that defines the implications for NATO and Nations. The… [read more…]

Steadfast Jazz 2013

Steadfast Jazz (SFJZ) is a NATO exercise with the aim to exercise the NRF Joint Force together in an effort to demonstrate activation deployment of the NRF and provide interaction between the NRF and Host nation forces and provide a certification venue for NRF 2014. The C2COE will support SHAPE… [read more…]

Steadfast Cobalt 2013

Steadfast Cobalt will be the venue for testing the assessment plan for validation of the NNEC Criteria model. The C2COE in cooperation with ACT will participate with a team of 3 SMEs. The aim is to refine and further develop the assessment plan for use during the execution of Steadfast… [read more…]

Support to NNEC Assessments 2013

The NATO Response Force (NRF) is the NATO “vehicle” for transformation by concept development and experimentation (CD&E). The purpose of the NNEC NRF Assessment is to investigate the actual NNEC status of the force and the possibilities for NNEC related improvements of any given capability to federate information and services…. [read more…]