Agile Multi-Domain C2 of Socio-Technical Enterprises in Hybrid Operations

NATO and its member nations face a very complex future operational scenario. Hybrid threats require integrated responses and operating in a cyber-contested environment is likely. Automation of C2 decisions has been implemented, but the impact to mission accomplishment is not well quantified. Autonomous systems have impacts and consequences on C2 that are currently not well understood. The need for C2 Agility is known, but the way forward on implementation is not clear. It is appears essential that kinetic, cyber, and non-kinetic capabilities need to be harmonized.

The NATO C2COE will participate in the SAS-143 Research Group to analyze these topics. This research aims to apply previous developed C2 Agility concepts to help both National and NATO C2 organizations adapt to the changing hybrid threats that they are facing by the integration of C2’s of kinetic, cyber and non-kinetic operations as well as to adapt to the impact of new decision making technologies employed in autonomous systems and operating in a cyber contested and hostile environments.

Contact information: The OPR at the NATO C2COE is Lieutenant Commander (USA N) Stephen Gray.
He can be reached at