NATO C2COE Seminar “The Future of the Command Post” Berlin 2018

From the 6th until the 8th of November the annual seminar of the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (C2COE) took place in Berlin.

This year the future of the Command post (at the Operational level) was on the agenda. In two-and-a-half days about 100 subject experts and interested parties from various NATO countries presented and discussed the issue.

The role of new technology in the field of sensors, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was reviewed. Their influence on Command and Control in the near future will be great. The insight that the speed of introduction and use of these techniques depends on the confidence that we as humans should have in these systems, was regularly reflected in the discussions. The NATO C2COE assumes for the time being that in the military world, certainly from an ethical point of view, there will still be a “man in the loop”.

In the near future, several articles will be published reflecting the topics of the seminar. These are distributed via LinkedIn, but also via this website.The report of the study will be published later this year

Via the links below you can view most of the presentations held.

20181104-NATO C2COE Berlin Brief_HEXAGON_Wheeler

20181105_C2OST demo _ workshop _C2 symp

20181107-NATO presentation Cap Gemini

ACT engagement FMN

BERLIN Microsoft V4

Brill Trust Brief for NATO C2 COE (Berlin) – 2018

Future of the Command Post_tech JWS TNO

Human Factors Berlin 06112018 MG

Implications and ResearchOperational Capabiliteis and TechC2 effectiveness increase and future challenges2

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