TIDE Sprint 2018

The NATO C2COE looks back on a very successful TIDE Sprint while leading the Operational C2 track. During TIDE Sprint 2018 the NATO C2COE presented ideas regarding the C2 Process as laid out in the ACT’s C2 Vision.

Advanced technologies envisioned to be in place in 2035 will improve C2 processes significantly. Specifically:

  • At the operational level, data, and how to gather, process it, and combine it, in order to inform, draw conclusions, and execute actions will be the fundamental military problem to solve.
  • Due to the exponential growth of processing power, along with the exponential rate of change in all technologies that rely on that processing power, vast amount of insight will be able to be drawn from massive pools of data from disparate sources.
  • Given the risks associated with a shrinking battle space and advanced weaponry, future headquarters will have to always be dispersed, and will have to depend on a C2 infrastructure that will to operate in layers, with multiple redundant paths, with nodes that maneuver in every physical and virtual domain.


Read here our papers about:


Director NATO C2COE; Captain (NLD, N) Renée van Pamelen – Hollenberg about the first day at TIDE Sprint:
“It was a very fruitful day discussing many aspects of future C2. Will humans be on the loop or in the loop; this is the question tomorrow”.


We’re very happy with all the feedback and input we have received and looking forward to present the outcomes at our seminar: “C2 and the Future of the Command Post” on 6 – 8 November in Berlin.

For more information on the NATO C2COE activities related to this project, please contact our POCs: Lt Col Frank Gubbels (NLD N MC) (frank.gubbels@c2coe.org) and Major Ron Werkman (NLD AF) (ron.werkman@c2coe.org).

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