Visit Rear Admiral Çelebi (NATO Allied Command Transformation)

The Centre is very pleased to welcome a special guest; Rear Admiral Çelebi (ACOS C2DS NATO Allied Command Transformation). During his visit the Centre gave an introduction about the Program of Work but also about its key project: “The Future of the Command Post”.

The aim of this project is to understand Command and Control in the future, with new technologies, new insights while working closely with several different stakeholders in operations, such as a Senior Civil Representative, Host Nation authorities, civilian leadership of UN- or EU-missions and other organisations.

Furthermore one of the most important aspects of the project is Artificial Intelligence. Rear Admiral Çelebi understood this and sees the connection with ACT activities.

Rear Admiral Çelebi: “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are important subjects within ACT to integrate into the military. These subjects are game changers for the future”.

Director Captain van Pamelen –Hollenberg: “Apart from intermediate publications and presentations at Tide Sprint, NATO C2COE will present the final project results during its C2 Conference in November in Berlin.”

The Centre also received a token of appreciation for “Continuing Support to Allied Command Transformation”.



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