9th Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Operational Coordination Working Group (OCWG) Meeting

On 6-8 February 2018 two members of the Expertise Management Section of the NATO C2COE participated in the 9th FMN OCWG in Senningen, Luxembourg. ​ The meeting was attended by twenty-eight representatives from the participating nations and NATO (called affiliates).

At this meeting, the main focus was on two FMN Procedural Instructions for FMN Spiral 3 (an agreed upon set of capabilities of the network used in coalition missions). These instructions build upon the current operational requirements as per the FMN Spiral Specifications Roadmap. Two syndicates dealt with the topic Situational Awareness and Intelligence and Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR). Initial drafts which will be checked by SMEs, were developed. These documents will feed the development of technical solutions in the Capability Planning Working Group (CPWG). A third syndicate made a lot of progress on the development, review and updates on the FMN Operational Requirements for Spirals 3-6. The participants also identified critical FMN Spiral 2 Operational Requirements for the FMN-Readiness Criteria Checklist and updated the FMN OCWG Risk Register.

The NATO C2COE members were based on their experience able to contribute to refining the outputs.

In summary this OCWG meeting proved to be quite successful and added to the coherence between the operational user community requirements and the realization of the FMN services.

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