Visit Commodore Traas at NATO C2COE

Tuesday January 16th the NATO C2COE welcomed a very special guest: Commodore Traas, Director of Weapon Systems & Agencies at the Defense Material Organization. The NATO C2COE is therefore part of his organization. During his visit the Commodore got an impression of the Centre, the employees but also our way of work and of course our main project for 2018: “The Future of the Command Post”.

Commodore Traas: “NATO C2COE is more than relevant since there are important C2 challenges to work on. I give my full support to the NATO C2COE”.

Captain (N) Pamelen – van Hollenberg: “I am content with the visit of Commodore Traas. He got an excellent impression on how it is to work at the NATO C2COE and on the C2 challenges we work on. We are pleased with the support of Commodore Traas and are looking forward to the coming year”.

















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