Visit by assistant-professor of Japanese National Defense Academy

On 22 November Commander Tatsuo (Japanese Navy) and Lieutenant Ryotaro (Japanese Airforce) on Dr David Alberts advice, visited the NATO C2COE. Commander Ide has been posted as assistant-professor at the Japanese National Defense Academy and has instructed cadets of all services for six years now. He and his former student Lieutenant Ryotaro focus on Command and Control. One has to aware many books on C2 are translated into Japanese for use at their Academy.

After meeting the Director, the program started with a (long) welcome and an introduction on COEs. After that based on their preferences, many (conceptual) topics were discussed. The Japanese visitors were highly interested in the C2 Agility concept. 

In concluding our visitors expressed they were pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of information the NATO C2COE members were able to provide to them. Commander Tatsuo will continue his efforts to gain more attention for C2 in his new position at the Naval Staff College and will use the thoughts he gained during his visit.


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