SAS 110 “Operations Assessment in Complex Environment” Panel Task Group Meeting at NATO C2COE

SAS 110 “Operations Assessment in Complex Environment” Panel  Task Group Meeting at NATO C2COE

4th Meeting of SAS 110 Panel Task Group on “Operations Assessment in Complex Environment” (former “Operations Assessments in Irregular Warfare”) was hosted by NATO C2COE from 9th -11th May 2017.

SAS 110 is investigating the use of Operational Research and Analysis and Operations Assessment in support of Mission Planning and Operational Effectiveness by supporting the discussion and publication of relevant advances in operations theory, and by examining recent operations to find examples of models of operations assessment that were effective or that highlight assessment deficiencies from which the community can learn. An edited work of theoretical articles and practical examples will be the primary deliverable of the panel.

NATO C2COE Operational Assessment Branch Head, LTC (DEU A) Marko Gangi, who joined the SAS 110 Panel in 2015, was pleased to provide the appropriate working conditions at NATO C2COE.

The primary task for the 4th Meeting was to read, discuss and comment upon draft article submissions to ensure these submissions are in line with the purpose and meet the format and standards of the proposed publication.

After a welcome address by the C2COE Director, CPT (NLD N) Renee van Pamelen, the team lead, Dr Adam Shilling (US Centre for Army Analysis) was pleased to welcome MAJ (FIN A) Olli-Pekka Paju (FIN Army Academy / Army Research Centre) as a new panel member.  This time the task group was completed by Dr. Karsten Engelmann (US Centre for Army Analysis), Mr. Jan Frelin (SWE Defence Research Agency), LTC (DEU A) Carsten Schulze (DEU Office for Army Development) and Mr. Anton Minkov (CAN Defence Research and Development).

After 3 intensive working days the Task Group took a big step forward to the finalization of the expected output, what will be a publication of assessment theory and examples of assessment practice for use of assessment practioners and NATO leaders and staffs. The publication is expected by the end of 2017.

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