Keynote Lecture at C2 Seminar in Multi National Joint Head Quarters

NATO C2COE delivered keynote lecture at Command & Control (C2) Seminar in Multi National Joint Head Quarters (MN JHQ) located in Ulm, Germany.

The Commander of the MN JHQ organised a 1 day C2 Seminar (“Command and Control in Present and Future”) on 28th March 2017, in order to improve and deepen operational level thinking concerning command and control. The seminar was organised in two sequential, but comprehensible phases, with lectures conducted by external speakers in the morning and group work including a plenary presentation phase in the afternoon.

The NATO C2COE delivered one of the two keynote lectures focused on Urbanisation Megatrend and its Implications for Command and Control. After the lecture there was time for Q&A followed by syndicate work in the afternoon. The international audience, 120 persons ranging from Lieutenant-General to Senior NCO’s representing the nations of the Alliance, was divided into 5 Seminar Groups.

One of the groups, mentored by Lt Colonel JD Bode from the NATO C2COE, concentrated on the possible problems that (present and/or future) operations in a Mega City (city of 10 million+ inhabitants) could pose with regard to Command and Control, the Comprehensive Approach, Military Policing and Cyber. The following vignette was used as a thesis:

A NATO joint force conducts a military entry operation into a large coastal metropolis. A conventional military force from a neighbouring state opposes the entry operation and seeks to disrupt and inflict casualties on the landing force. Following this operation, the enemy conventional force attempts a counterattack to infiltrate into NATO secured areas. This attempt succeeds, but costs the adversary so heavily in terms of personnel and loss of advanced capabilities that the adversary is forced to drop back to a hybrid warfare mode, working with local population groups opposed to the NATO presence, and developing a three-layer structure of an underground movement, auxiliary and guerrilla force. This structure is supported by niche, advanced technologies and by specialist personnel infiltrated into the city to advise and assist the irregular force. Finally, a large-scale industrial facility creates a major chemical venting incident that generates mass casualties, widespread destruction and panicked movement of the population away from the affected area. The NATO force is compelled to partially evacuate the city, and there is a widespread breakdown in urban order and essential functions.”

The group findings were back briefed to the complete audience and the day was concluded with a rap up of the Commander MN JHQ Ulm.

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