Deputy Commander Supreme Allied Command Transformation (DSACT), Admiral (DEU N) Manfred Nielson, paid a working visit to the NATO Command & Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE) in Utrecht, on January 9. The aim of the visit was a renewed acquaintance and strengthening the cooperation between NATO C2COE and ACT. During his visit at the NATO C2COE, Admiral Nielson also met the Dutch Chief of Transformation (COT) Major General (NLD AF) Eric Schevenhoven. After an office call with the Director NATO C2COE, CAPT (NLD N) Renée van Pamelen-Hollenberg, the NATO C2COE team briefed DSACT about the development of NATO C2COE, the Program of Work 2017 and recent working results and products. Furthermore the team briefed about the cooperation between NATO C2COE and ACT, especially concerning SACT’s Focus Area C2. The presentations were followed by fruitful discussions and a frank exchange of views. Conclusively the Dutch COT took the opportunity to inform DSACT and the NATO C2COE about the future development of the Netherlands Armed Forces.

After an advantageous working visit DSACT thanked NATO C2COE for the very important work in the area of Command & Control and the very good working relations with ACT. “Whenever you need support for the work you are doing, do not hesitate to contact my office.” were the final words of DSACT at the end of the visit.


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