NATO C2COE visited by the Swedish Defence Research Agency

Deputy Director LCOL Markus Werther welcomes Ms Granåsen to NATO C2COE.

NATO C2COE received Ms Magdalena Granåsen. Ms Granåsen works as a scientist for the Swedish Defence Research Agency. Ms Granåsen attended the NATO C2COE Seminar ”C2 in Emerging Warfare” in Norfolk earlier this year. She experienced the briefings there being highly informative and felt inspired to visit the NATO C2COE for a change of minds. During this visit first NATO C2COE informed Ms. Granåsen about the centres work, philosophies and projects.

Members of NATO C2COE present at the meeting with the Swedish Defence Research AgencyAfterwards Ms. Granåsen presented her research on “Identifying Future C2 Needs and Defining C2 Capabilities.” An interesting change of minds on definitions and core elements was the result and it is not inconceivable that more change of minds will take place. The area of C2 is and will be a broad and challenging subject!

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