NATO C2COE participated in TIDE Sprint 2016-2

The NATO C2COE participated at the 28th Technology for Information, Decision and Execution Superiority (TIDE) Sprint Conference, hosted by Allied Command Transformation on 24-28 October 2016 in Virginia Beach, USA. This conference is held twice a year and is aiming to improve interoperability amongst Alliance and Partner Nation Command & Control (C2) capabilities.

leaflet of Tide sprint October 2016The NATO C2COE was represented by a two Staff Officers. Both NATO C2COE members were primarily engaged in the C2 Track and participated in all discussions.  Their main tasker for participation was to gather information in order to advise the NATO C2COE Management Team on the desired organization and lead of the TIDE Sprint C2 Track by the NATO C2COE in Spring 2018.

Since the TIDE Sprint conferences were traditionally mainly focussed on the technical aspects of C2, it was important to learn that the TIDE Sprint has the aim to open up for a more operational approach as well. Therefore, less “technology” and more “think-tank”. The challenge for the conference will be to merge the still running “old” technical projects with the new projects with most likely, more operational aspects.

The week proved to be very interesting with 12 Tracks (topics) run simultaneously or sometimes merged like the C2 and Enterprise Architecture tracks and the C2 and Federated Mission Network tracks. The TIDE Sprint proved to be an excellent opportunity for the about 280 representatives from the military, the governments and the industry to present and discuss their activities amongst each other.

Based on the advice of the two attendees, the NATO C2COE Director will decide within the next few months how the NATO C2COE will offer the Lead for the C2 track for TIDE Sprint 2018-1.


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