Steering Board Meeting 2016


Dinner StBoard 2016On 7th September 2016 the annual meeting of the Steering Board NATO C2COE took place at the center’s hometown Utrecht, the Netherlands. All the nine Sponsoring Nations are commonly represented in the Steering Board. Through this annual meeting NATO C2COE gets approval and guidance on the suggested Program of Work (PoW) for the next year.

According its Mission Statement NATO C2COE is to provide subject matter expertise on Command and Control with the main level of interest at the Operational Level. To achieve this mission the aim is to assist in the Transformation of NATO. After the Steering Board meeting, the Centre’s budget and support activities for the following year are approved and established. This provides a firm baseline for detailed planning and proper execution.

The Steering Board members are to proof last year’s activities, be informed about the running year and guide and direct the NATO C2COE in order to timely adjust to changing needs. They not only have to judge and agree on the PoW, but they also have to provide guidance to the NATO C2COE to ensure relevance and added value. This direction will be based on their national vision and the requirements of NATO. The Sponsoring Nations can significantly assist the management of the NATO C2COE by accepting or proposing viable solutions to solve shortcomings.

Besides the approval of the PoW, the 2017 budget and an into depth discussion of the Way Ahead, manning of NATO C2COE got full attention. Several suggestions and offers were made to deal with the current vacancies.

Prior to this meeting representatives from Australia, Austria, Canada and Italy (in alphabetical order) convened to be briefed on possible future participation in NATO C2COE. They received a command brief, an operational brief and a briefing on the joining procedure. After initial enthusiasm the representatives will of course first have to report to their military organisation before joining could eventually be set in motion. NATO C2COE was at least very pleased with the shown initiative and willingness of these 4 nations. Later this year also Ireland will get the same treatment as they also wish to investigate future joining.

After an informative and well prepared steering board meeting the NATO C2COE is prepared for an labour-intensive and important 2017!

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