How to improve Medical related Command & Control?

MAOCNATO C2COE hosted the NATO MEDICAL C2 Workshop on 13thand 14th September 2016. The aim of the workshop was to analyse critical issues concerning Medical Command and Control related to NATO Command Authority and find solutions for these issues. The workshop was held in preparation for further development of the envisaged Chiefs of Military Medical Services of NATO (COMEDS) task to the Military Medical Structures, Operations and Procedures Working Group (MMSOP WG).

As an outcome of the 44th COMEDS Plenary, the MMSOP WG was tasked to conduct a study on Medical C2. Aim of this study is to better define the relative C2 authorities of contributing nations, leads from framework nations and NATO command authorities over deployed medical assets.

The workshop was chaired by Colonel Dr. Peter Majovsky (CZE), Chief of Interoperability Branch MILMED COE, and Colonel Dr. Eike Dybilasz (DEU), Chair of NATO COMEDS of the MMSOP WG, and started with a Command Briefing provided by the Director NATO C2COE, Captain Renée van Pamelen-Hollenberg (NLD).

The multinational workshop proceeded with one and a half day of discussions on the scheduled topics, including concerns and proposals on NATO Medical C2 Authority & Responsibility and Allied Command Operations (ACO) Medical Directorate’s “Burning issues”. The workshop was a success since the MMSOP WG is now able to finalise the preparation for the upcoming COMEDS meeting in early October 2016.

The chairs and the participating ACO Medical Adviser (MEDAD), Brigadier General Dr.Stefan Kowitz (DEU), commended NATO C2COE on the organisation and support to the workshop. NATO C2COE supported the workshop with two SMEs C2, LTC Marko Gangi (DEU) and Maj Ron Werkman (NLD).

Pending available resources, NATO C2COE stands ready to continue its support to the NATO MILMED COE on C2 issues.

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