Change of Command NATO C2COE

CoC NATO C2COEChange of Command NATO C2COE

On 7 July 2016 at the seminar on C2 in Emerging Warfare in Norfolk, Virginia (USA), Captain (NLD N) I.J.C. (Renée) van Pamelen-Hollenberg ceremonially assumed her responsibilities as Director of the NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence (NATO C2COE).

Among the many distinguished guests who witnessed this ceremony, was Air Marshal Graham Stacey (UK AF), Chief of Staff Headquarters Allied Command Transformation (ACT).

In his farewell speech, Captain (NLD N) Gerrit H. Nijenhuis memorised the two and a half year period as director of the centre. He stressed the enduring importance of Command and Control. He therefore encouraged the attendees to work alongside his SMEs and to reinforce the NATO C2COE. Finally he addressed the new director and wished her a rewarding time. He promised her a post which would certainly challenge her, referring to the implementation of the recommendations in the “Way Ahead report”.

In a short ceremony Captain (N) Nijenhuis handed over the gavel of the NATO C2COE to his Navy colleague van Pamelen-Hollenberg to symbolise the handover and takeover of the command of the NATO C2COE.

Captain (N) van Pamelen-Hollenberg thanked Captain Nijenhuis for all his efforts to promote the relevance of Command and Control in general and of the NATO C2COE especially. With a huge personal involvement Captain Nijenhuis led the production of tangible quality outputs. By visiting many of the sponsoring nations he re-established bonds and promoted visibility.

She will, with her own touch, proceed on this road. Based on her previous functions in CIS, as Deputy Political Advisor to Commander JFC Brunssum and with her psychology degree she has become very aware of the many aspects of Command Control within NATO, especially on the areas the NATO C2COE focusses on:

  • C2 Processes and Structures;
  • Information and Knowledge Management;
  • Human Factors (including Leadership).

Her main goals are to facilitate the current and future projects of the NATO C2COE and to continue to create products that matter for our customers and underline the importance of the NATO C2 Centre of Excellence.

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