C2 Seminar 2016

The C2 Seminar 2016

Picture Seminar 2016On Tuesday 5th July 2016, Captain (NLD N) G.H. Nijenhuis, director of the NATO C2COE, opened the C2 seminar 2016 “C2 in Emerging Warfare – Challenges to the Alliance and Coalitions”, at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside hotel in Norfolk, VA USA.

An amazing total of nearly 150 participants representing 25 nations (mainly NATO) and organisations provided various views and issues related to the topic of the seminar: “C2 in Emerging Warfare”. Main focus was the challenges to the Alliance and Coalitions both present and in the future.

At the first day, General Denis Mercier, FRA AF, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, opened the seminar, and also delivering the Keynote Address: “The importance of Command and Control to the Alliance.” Participants from NATO, NATO nations, NCS and NFS as well as representatives from several Embassies in the USA, CJOS COE, STRATCOM COE, LWC and various civil companies were present. SME’s from all over the NATO organisation, including civil companies such as TNO, ADS and BAE, briefed the audience on challenges related to C2 in Emerging Warfare.

The C2 Seminar 2016 was divided in three parts: Day one: the future environment. NATO’s as well as the enemy’s future with regard to C2. In this context challenging developments as Urbanisation & Megacities was also touched upon. Day two: the present environment. Today’s challenges in the areas of C2, operations & warfare and interoperability. Day three: a re-visit to the future environment, with the main question: “Are we prepared for the future?”

A panel discussion and international erudite speakers completed the C2 Seminar 2016.

The setting of the seminar, all activities in one location, facilitated networking and social contacts during the breaks as well as after the various briefings.

The seminar closed on Thursday 7th July around noon.

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