Seminar Review Document ‘C2 On the Move’ is Available

DSCN0428The NATO C2COE is pleased to announce that the Seminar Review Document  is now available.

(Seminar: ‘C2 On the Move’, Naval Barracks ‘Willemsoord’, Den Helder, The Netherlands, 24-26 March 15).

‘C2 On the Move’ illustrated the defence community’s heightened sense of preparedness due to global developments, its higher awareness of threats and its requirement to adapt for and move to effective twenty-first century Command and Control.

Within a broader context, the seminar concentrated on the operationalisation of the new JTF HQ concept. Different HQs presented their experiences and approaches. It became clear that this concept isn’t mature yet, and insufficiently founded in doctrine.

The briefings in this Review Document (including relevant Powerpoint slides) are structured in such a way that the reader can experience the briefing as if he or she were in Den Helder themselves. In close consultation with the individual briefers, and in light of NATO’s classification rules, some briefings have been redacted for publication purposes.

Once again we want to thank all speakers and participants for their contributions and feedback, and for a better understanding of the challenges NATO forces face.

Use this link to view the document: NATO C2COE Review Document C2 On The Move




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