NATO Command and Control Centre of Excellence Seminar

Seminar logo 2016NATO C2COE Seminar, 5 – 7 July 2016, Norfolk, VA (USA).

The NATO C2COE in cooperation with the Combined Joint Operations from the Sea Centre of Excellence (CJOS COE) and supported by ACT, will present its annual 2016 seminar named “C2 in Future Emerging Warfare – Challenges for the Alliance and Coalitions.”

The intent of this seminar is to examine how C2 will evolve in the next 5 to 10 years given the fast pace of technology development and ever evolving and emerging threats. How and where will our adversaries fight in the future? What will be the consequences of worldwide urbanisation and the impact of advanced weaponry such as unmanned systems?

Future conflicts will require cooperation between combined and joint military forces and civilian organisations. Therefore, we will approach this dynamic subject from Civil, maritime, Land and Air perspective to give seminar participants a comprehensive understanding of C2 challenges of the future.


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