emblemoftheNRFAfter a revision of the Long Term Rotation Plan (LTRP), NATO decided to have a new cycle of NRF certification exercises for the two operational HQs JFC Brunssum and JFC Naples. TRIDENT JUNCTURE (TRJE) will take place yearly as the main NATO NRF Certification Exercise for three years in a row. In the fourth year TRJE will be replaced by TRIDENT JAVELIN (TRJN). This will first happen in 2017.

The idea behind this is to evaluate Lessons Identified/Lessons Learned out of the previous three TRJE Exercises and to provide an environment for new capabilities to be tested, refined and further developed.

The exercise TRIDENT JAVELIN 2017, a Command Post/ Computer Assisted Exercise without troops on the ground, will be the unique training event for NATO Command Structure Command and Control entities in November 2017 conducting a Major Joint Operation ‘Plus’ in a NATO Article 5 environment. At the same time, the exercise will provide the evaluation venue to certify command and control elements for the enhanced NATO Response Force 2018

This is the first time for almost 20 years a MJO (+) will be exercised.  It will be a three-level Training Audience (TA) exercising SHAPE, JFC and SSCs. JFC BS, LANDCOM and MARCOM are the Primary TA, SHAPE and AIRCOM are designated as the Secondary TA.

TRJN 2017 will be linked to the Norwegian National Exercise 2017.Following that, Norway will be the playground during the execution phase.

For years NATO C2COE is supporting JWC Training Teams and SHAPE J7 Evaluation Teams by providing Subject Matter Experts on C2 (SMEs C2). Even so during TRJN 17 our SMEs will be engaged as evaluators and trainers.

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